Triple' A Plus™


Triple'A Plus™ is the leading Private Banking Platform from Temenos. It incorporates the best practices adopted by the leading international financial institutions that specialise in wealth management solutions for high net worth and ultra high net worth individual clients.

IBM Transformation eXtender (ITX) is embedded in Triple'A and is therefore integrated in the client’s IT architecture to interact with internal and external counterparties.

Satisco has a track record of implementing this solution at multiple clients sites. Our team counts several experts with a high degree of knowledge on Triple’A data model and scripting.


Implementation project

Triple’A implementation project for a Belgian international bank

- Complete definition and implementation of back-to-front interfaces between Triple’A and COBOL legacy applications.

- Implementation of an interface between the CRM and Triple’A aiming to upload all customers’ evolutions in term of portfolio, strategies, constrains, locking instructions etc.

- Complete implementation of order workflows between Triple’A and Pro-Capital (external order management system).


Interfaces project

Triple’A interfaces project for a Dutch international bank

- Triple’A order management interface development

Triple’A interfaces project for a Zurich private banking branch

- Design and implementation of the ITX order management system to execute Triple’A orders through market order platform.

- Mifid impact analyses and implementation rules in Triple'A.

- Review of the interfaces between Triple’A and Globus to improve performances, stability and security. Since the interface had been developed by another company, a complete reverse engineering of the systems was performed by Satisco.


For a private bank

For a private bank in Belgium

- General maintenance of customer Triple’A interfaces.

For a private bank in Brussels

Triple’A implementation project

- Complete design and development of all ITX interfaces (equity, bonds, forex, money market, prices, reconciliation) between Triple’A and the legacy systems (internal COBOL application).

SWIFT Hub creation

- Design and development of a holistic solution communicating with all internal and external counterparties through the SWIFT network. Project included 4 different PMS (including Triple’A) aiming to centralize the transformation and the follow-up of settlement messages.

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