Our systems integration experience and vendor neutrality allow us to provide you with an impartial assessment of what needs to be developed to integrate your solutions with your legacy systems.

Specifically, Satisco’s WTX technology experts can survey your existing environment. They can appraise what needs to be done to enhance your interfaces and global architecture. Audits are not only intended to detect errors or flawed implementations. They can also help document your business processes and IT assets.


Architecture design

This activity refers to the completion of IT achitecture studies designed to meet our customers’ business requirements and optimise their systems, workflows and processes.

We envision, assess, compare, and finally recommend an optimal IT solution. This requires focus on systems architecture and integration, as well as data and user practices.
To that end, we provide intermediate and final reports on business and technical requirements and the proposed solution – including their respective impact on the existing architecture, processes and systems, before a final decision can be made.
This entails strategic focus over such issues the IT architecture and particularly application integration within the organisation and with external partner systems (EAI, A2A, B2B, EDI, SOA,…)


Technical support

As a long-term IBM partner, we can substitute to IBM in delivering first level support to your teams, with the added value that, as part of the support process, our consultants can also identify and fix development issues.

Once you have chosen Satisco as your support provider, we start by auditing your existing infrastructure to make sure you get the best software performance possible, and to improve the quality of our support.