Logistic domain

Satisco is also experienced in the logistic domain. We are currently working with one of the world leader maritime carrier group. It is an international group present all over the world. The purpose of our mission is to replace the old EDI system, based on the Amtrix technologies, by a combination of Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Transformation eXtender solutions. The project consists of creating a quite new architecture to handle EDIFACT messages between back-office systems and external partners.

The present system is composed of more or less 600 interfaces under Amtrix. With our architecture proposal we will reduce it around 250 interfaces with a greater dynamicity helping diminish drastically maintenance efforts and speed up the “go to business” time for new customers.

Moreover, the customer has decided to replace its back-office system with SAP solution so the new architecture must be clever enough to take into account this future migration project without disturbing the usual business traffic.

Our Satisco experts are developing ITX maps but also are part of the architecture definition process. We also manage and review the developments of an offshore team of 15 members to make them apply the best practices and validate the quality of their developments.

General overview of the new architecture